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The Best Albuquerque and Denver Commercial Pest Control

Who We Are

We are Preventive Pest Control, the largest privately-held pest control company in New Mexico has expanded to Colorado to now serve the Denver and Colorado Springs area. Our technicians are licensed by the state, and trained in modern pest management procedures. Commercial clients are serviced by Technical Specialists with advanced experience.

Pest Control For Any Situation

Restaurants, multi-family housing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, distribution centers, and warehouses all need to be pest-free. Our Field Entomologists direct staff development and certification. They design our pest management plans based on scientific principles, common sense, and best practice benchmarks. It’s another way that we stand out among the competition.

Comprehensive Treatment

PPC technicians regularly inspect, use monitoring stations, site logs, and staff interviews to stay on top of changes in pest activity. We can modify and adapt our solutions to address your pest issues. Every pest situation is different and we ensure that all treatments and solutions are specific to your needs.

Let Preventive Pest Control design an Integrated Pest Management plan that will help protect you and your customers.

  • Inspection

    We start with a detailed inspection, giving extra focus to areas where pests can find food, water, warmth, living space, and access into the building. We identify signs of current infestation, and conditions that might support a pest population. We’ll point out other “trouble spots” or areas and conditions that may be difficult to inspect or access.
  • Identification

    After accurate identification, we can use our knowledge of a pest’s habits, life cycle, needs, and dislikes to create an effective plan to fit your business.
  • Planning and Communication

    The PPC plan will include descriptions of our treatments as well as recommendations for structural, sanitation, and cultural changes you may need to make. A copy of the plan is also kept in your on-site service binder.
  • Action

    Our commercial service provides year-round pest control. Our arsenal of weapons includes a layered chemical defense, bait stations, insect light traps, and the big gun – our On-Staff Field Entomologists.
  • Observation of Results/Follow Up/Modification of Plan

    Have you ever tried to swat a fly? Effective pest control can be like trying to hit a moving target. PPC technicians regularly inspect, use monitoring stations, site logs, and staff interviews to stay on top of changes in pest activity. We can modify and adapt our solutions to address your pest issues.

What You Can Expect

  • Our Customer Service Department is open 6 days a week. When you call us, you will speak to a real person.
  • On-site record keeping with pest sighting logs, service program description, detailed service reports, device reports, and materials lists and information.
  • Same or next day response from our trained technicians.
  • Discrete service times available before or after your operating hours to protect your brand.
  • Our managers conduct periodic Quality Assurance inspections and interviews.

100% Free Assessment!

We’ll come into your business to conduct a thorough inspection and identify any potential problems at no cost to you!

What We Promise

Preventive Pest Control is not just a name.  We will do the right thing at the right time.  Our experience and knowledge in pest control has allowed us to create a scientific process to eliminate infestations and control future pests. We don’t just spray your business once and go on our way. We proactively monitor and service your business to prevent pest problems from occurring.  If you see covered pest activity in between visits, we will return with appropriate measures

Preventive Pest Commercial Service